About Walther

Walther came to fields of freedom in 2018, when he was given away because his owners had lost control of him and his behavior towards the other goats at the place he was living at before.

He hadn’t been castrated and as soon as he became sexual mature, he began to cause a real nuisance around their small farm. He would attack other goats and break loose continually. We were contacted through Facebook and we were told that if we couldn’t take him in, he would be slaughtered in just two days.

We were shocked, but we knew we had to do everything we could to help him. We arranged his collection and had him castrated here at the farm, which was a very risky and costly operation due to his size and age. But Walther was so brave and strong and made a quick recovery and was soon integrating himself into the small herd of sheep and the cows that also lives here at the sanctuary. He has the most mischievous character and is always up to something.

He will jump out of open windows given half the chance and he really enjoy chasing the sheep around every morning, but only for fun, where the sheep do know how to tell him off. You can always find Walther in the company of the cows. Wherever they are, he goes too, especially during feeding times.

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