About Sapphire

Sapphire came to the sanctuary when she was a young girl of just 17. She lived at an assistance center for teenagers with issues. This assistance center was buying up ponies, horses, and donkeys, and kept them at local riding schools. The aim was to give the teenagers a chance to have something to focus on and care for, and for them to have daily interaction with the animals. Sadly, the teenagers lost interest not long after, so the animal was left alone in a stable or small enclosure while the center tried to get rid of them.

Sapphire found herself in just such a situation and she only had company once a week. She spent her lonely days in a barren enclosure next to a busy road.

Sapphire is today safe here at Fields of Freedom and she enjoys being around other donkeys like herself.

Sapphire is a real character. She is one of the bossiest and can often be heard grunting and flicking her heels at any of the other donkeys who might try to nibble at her hay pile or apple treats, but deep down she’s a real sweetheart who just knows what she likes and wants.

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