About Rufus

Rufus came to Fields of Freedom before we were even a sanctuary. Christopher found Rufus living on the streets at just 3 weeks of age. He’d been dumped by a heartless owner and left to starve next to a garbage bin. He’d been living off scraps of trash and his stomach was suffering.

When Christopher found him, at first he couldn’t come straight home with him as he had to spend 3 long weeks at the vets, where he received the specialist care he needed to make a full recovery.

That was in 2012 and today Rufus lives at Fields of Freedom. Rufus traveled with Christopher through his whole journey to Denmark and sanctuary life and has been the most wonderfully behaved and mild tempered dog one could wish for once you get to know him.

He had a rough start to his life, which he’s still impacted of today, but under all the fear, there’s a real gentle and sweet hearted dog that is just eager to be loved, which we have made sure he feels every day ever since Christopher found him on the street.

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