About Golaith

Goliath was rescued from an abuse case with four other equines by a compassionate family who just wanted to give them all a new life. Goliath has spent most of his life living with his best friend Mulle, a mixture of a horse and a donkey, and they won’t go anywhere unless its together. Goliath has spent most of his life as a riding pony and has had 10 different homes during his short life.

His back has like Mulle, also suffered serious damage from carrying abnormal loads for prolonged period of times and he also now suffers from laminitis, a serious hoof condition, usually found in abused equines.

He’s a shy guy who can often be found grazing alone on the outside of the fields, but when it comes to stable time, he enjoys sharing his feed with his bestie Mulle and he loves nothing more than a good roll in the wood shavings we use as bedding.

He won’t ever have to worry about being ridden again and can now be given the retirement he so deserves here at his forever home Fields of Freedom.

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