About Dawn

Dawn spent 6 years on an industrial dairy farm. She was used every day for milking. She had been born into a life as a dairy cow and was forcibly impregnated 5 times so that she would be able to continue to give milk.

Her calves – of course – were taking away from her shortly after their birth, like they do with all dairy cows. During her entire life not once was she able to go outdoors or get to feel green grass beneath her hooves or the morning dew upon her back.

As time passed, her legs became weak from the lack of exercise. There was so little room in the stable that she could only walk a few meters – from the feeding station to the milking station and back again. Her hooves started to rot away from standing in the runny, wet manure produced by her and the other cows in the stable.

When her legs finally became too weak to support her body weight for longer than a few minutes at a time, the dairy farm would use a crane to grab her behind the hips and lift her back end so her large and heavy udder could still be milked.

The only reason Dawn was kept alive was that she was a very good producer of large quantities of milk. This was still worth more money than what her body and hide would be able to get from the slaughterhouse.

Dawn could barely walk when she arrived at Fields of Freedom. She also had deep sores on her back from where the crane would grip her to be milked. Her eyes were full of resigned worry.

But now Dawn enjoys life in the fields here. Every day her legs get a little stronger now that she has a big field where she can walk around freely and graze among her friends.

Dawn has been at Fields of Freedom for more than a year. She has become so strong that she sometimes races the sheep and calves up and down the hills in the fields for fun. Her eyes are alert and full of wonder about the world around her and, not least, LOVE.

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