About Christina

Christina was rescued from a dairy farm at just two weeks of age. She’s a pure breed Jersey cow and would have been put into milk production at around one years of age. She was being kept in a tiny plastic crate without her mother who she could still hear in the barns next door. She was saved straight from this crate and now lives with four other rescue cows here at Fields of Freedom.

Even though she had never had the chance to see or love her own mother, she found that in Big Dawn, a 9-year-old Holstein cow we rescued in 2016, who adopted and took care of Christina from day 1 they met. Big Dawn took Christina on as her own calf and would clean and watch over her daily.Dawn became very protective of little Christina and wouldn’t let her out for her sight for even a second.

Today Christina has a wonderful character and she is so full of personality. She enjoys her time in the fields, but she is also very fond of being petted and brushed down by caretakers Christopher and Katia.

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