Here you can read everything you need to know about how our volunteer programme, rules and regulations.
If you have further questions, you are of course welcome to send us an e-mail at: or leave a comment down below.


Does it cost me anything to come and volunteer?
Generally, no. Everything is cost-free. We truly only want your helping hands here at the farm. However, it can quickly become costly for us to provide food for so many people, so we hope you’ll want to contribute a little, so we can provide you breakfast, lunch and dinner during your stay.

(However, if you are not coming for volunteering, but just to get the experience of sleeping under the stars in the bell tents and to be around the animals for a day and explore Denmark, then we will charge you 200 DKK pr. Night – but with all foods included, so you won’t have to contribute to that extra.)


Do I need to bring any money with me to the sanctuary?
In case you’re used to a certain type of breakfast etc, then we highly suggest you bringing money for that as we cannot afford to buy special foods for everybody’s wants and needs. We buy what is necessary, organic, vegan and cheap and we hope you’ll be happy with what we can provide for you.


Can I have a night off and go explore somewhere else than the sanctuary?
Yes, of course you can. You just talk to Christopher or Katia about what you want to do and then we can help you with it all. But we do expect for you to be ready to get up early and help us out the following day. This is not a holiday you will be going to. It requires hard work, but with allot of helping hands, we can get more done quickly and thereby have more time to relax and go night swimming at the beach if we want to.


Can I drink alcohol at the sanctuary?
Under no circumstances are you allowed to be around the animals if you’ve been drinking. However, of course you are welcome to have an afternoon beer or a glass of wine to end a hard day of work. If you want to have a beer or some wine, you’d have to pay for that yourself.


Can I smoke at the sanctuary?
No. It is not allowed to smoke at the sanctuary. You’d have to go to the sideroad away from the property to smoke.


Is there any parking available near the farm?
Yes. You can park beside the farm house up against the forest. We are not having any cars in the front of the house as the dogs will jump up the cars and scratch them.


Can I bring my own pets with me to the sanctuary?
No. Your own furbabies will have to stay at home.


Can I take photos?
On certain parts of the sanctuary it is not allowed to take pictures and we kindly ask you to not show details of the house for privacy reasons. You can take pictures of the animals when they’re out on the fields, but we kindly ask you to not disrupt their feeding times etc just for getting a photo. This is their home and they decide what they want to participate in, so don’t try to force pictures of them if they do not want to.


What if I forget to bring something with me to the sanctuary or want to buy something you’re not providing – how can I do that?
In case you forget something from home and are in real need of it, Katia will be more than happy to drive you into town so you can buy it. In case you want to go explore somewhere else than the sanctuary for the night (like Odense city) Katia will also be happy to drive you to “Ringe Station” so you can catch a train from there to Odense city.

Otherwise, you can call a taxi to pick you up – you can ask us the number anytime. Katia will however not be picking you up again after 20 at night, as we have a schedule that we have be ready for the next morning – which we expect you to also be ready for.

If it is easier for you or you might be travelling further after your stay with us, then perhaps it’s easier for you to rent a car. We can help you with this as well.


Is there a minimum period of time I can stay and volunteer for?
No, we will be happy to get help from you even for just 1 single day. You can stay with us for as long as you wish (or for as long as we have open spaces)


How old do I have to be to volunteer?
If you are under 18, you’d have to bring a parent or a legal guardian with you to come and volunteer. If you are a parent and want to bring your kid(s) then you are truly the only one who knows best. We highly suggest though for you to come out to the farm for a visit first before signing up to volunteer, so you can see and know more about what safety is like here for children. There are naturally allot of dangers associated with working around animals, so you’d have to keep a close eye on your children of all times if they are very young.


Do I need to be vegan to volunteer?
No, not at all. We are openminded to the fact that everyone is on their own paths and journeys. We hope that by coming here and seeing and working alongside with the animals that your vision will be broadned to do more good in the world for the animals and maybe even learn something new, but you can come and volunteer exactly as who you are without judgement.


What do I need to bring with me?
– Rubber boots or other suitable footwear for muddy and wet conditions + inside shoes for your time in the main farmhouse.
– Towels, shampoo and soap and other necessities for yourself.
– Suitable clothing in form of coats, jackets, jumpers etc in case of colder weather
– Gloves in case you don’t like to work without.
– A sleeping bag in case it gets a little colder in the night
– A good mood and high work ethics


Where will I be staying in the night – and will I be sharing with someone else?
There is accommodation available in form of two separate bell tents and a caravan with heat for overnight volunteers. There can stay 2 people in each bell tent, where you’d be sharing a 2-person madras to sleep on (you and a friend for example)

However, if you’re more than 2 people, there is room for this also, but you’d have to bring your own air-bed. If you’re just coming alone, you will be having the tent all to yourself of course.

If you’d like to stay in the caravan, then there’s only room for 1 person.

In the bell tents and caravan we have bed linen, pillows, blankets and everything you need, including mirrors, tables and lights.

There is electricity available in the tents (and in the caravan) so you can charge up phones etc.


Where are the tents situated – and is it safe for me and my personal belongings?
The tents are couple of minutes away from the farmhouse, where you’d have to go through several gates to get to the farmhouse – so remembering to close the gates is very important. The tents are situated in a closed-off area away from all animals, so you won’t have to worry about your safety in the night. If you bring anything of significant value, we suggest locking it up in your suitcase – or if you are very worried, you are welcome to bring it to the farmhouse where we have security system put up. We recommend not to leave electronics in your tent in case of hot weather as it could cause malfunctions.


What are the facilities like?
You will have access to the farmhouse’s kitchen and garden (and living room if you wish you eat inside) – It is a very old property, so nothing is fancy here. We have the basics needs fulfilled for ourselves and for your sake as well, but it is not a 5-star resort you’re coming into. There are funny smells sometimes (140 animals are not like walking into a spa centre), there’s mud different places, you’ll find hay and straw in places you’d never thought possible and not everything is always working properly here. But we are striving to improve the facilities for you with the budget we have. It is clear here, that it is the animals needs that comes before your own needs. The facilities we have provided for you and that you will have full access to is these:

Toilet and shower facilities are provided here at the farm down by the tents area that you can use at all hours.

Washing of clothes:
In case you have some clothes that needs washing, you are welcome to use this at the farmhouse.

You will have full access to the kitchen from 8:00 am – 21:00 pm, so you can make yourself breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever you go hungry or is just in need of a tea/coffee-break etc. In case you have some snacks or anything else you really like, then you are of course welcome to bring that for yourself. We hope to sit down all of us once a day and share a meal together, but it really all depends on the day.

We have a closed-off area in the back of the farmhouse away from (most) of the animals, where tables will be provided, so you can sit outside and enjoy your food, but you are also welcome to sit inside.

Whenever you use something in the kitchen, we kindly ask you to wash it off and put in the dishwasher (unless you’d like to use it again for the next cup of tea) If the dishwasher is full, then please turn on the machine.


Do I have to clean my tent/caravan before leaving?
Yes. You’d have to give your tent/caravan a basic clean before you leave, and bedding provided must be taken off and brought to the farm house. Either Christopher or Katia will come back and do a basic check-up to assure you haven’t forgotten any belongings and to check if the tents live up to our expectations of cleaning.


Is there a check-in / check-out time?
No. But on some days, we might have a booking on the same day that you’re leaving, so we just need to know what time you’ll be leaving, so we can make sure everything is ready for the next volunteers to arrive.


Can I bring animal products with me to the sanctuary?
This sanctuary is vegan, so we kindly ask you to respect this by not bringing any animal products into the sanctuary.


Can I light any candles/incense in the tents/caravan?


What will the working jobs include at the farm?
You’ll mostly be working alongside Christopher outside. The jobs include:

– Mucking out
– Cleaning
– Brushing and sweeping outside areas
– Feeding and watering of all the animals here at the farm
– Dog walking
– Painting in the stable and on the outside of the main farm buildings (*Cover suits will be made available and painting gloves)
– Donkey Grooming
– Sheep Shearing
– Planting and watering in the vegetable garden and greenhouse
– Washing up after meal times and help with drying

More jobs might be including depending on the day, but these are jobs that are always in need of doing.


What will the usual day be like working at the farm?
The working day will begin between 08.00 and 09.00 so you will be expected to be available to help Chris with the farm work by 09.00 at the latest.The working day will finish around 16.00 / 17.00, but you’re welcome to help Christopher further, as he usually works late into the night. Remember, you can take as many breaks as you like, including when we all sit down for lunch and dinner together, but you can also eat alone if you prefer.


What do I need to be aware of around the animals?

*We are truly the kindest people you’ll meet, but when it comes to the animal’s safety, we are not messing around – so we have to be strict and have rules and regulations for not only the animal’s safety, but for your safety as well*

Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of and remember these things:
– All gates MUST be closed behind you (very important!)
– No food is to be given to the animals without Christopher’s permission
– No animals should be let out from the stables without Christopher’s permission
– We have 4 dogs at the farm, some who’s been mistreated very badly – therefore it is important for you to know, that you cannot let the dogs out/outside of their living areas without permission, as they WILL try to run away.
– If you notice any problems or have concerns about an animal, you must report it to Christopher or Katia who will take immediate action
– There are 8 cats and 4 dogs here at the farm and they have full access to the living areas, so any allergies you may have must be taken into consideration.
– During summer, there is a lot more bugs and flies flying around, so you are more than welcome to bring a bug spray if required (we usually have some, but can quickly run out)
– No dogs can be given access to the farm animals at any time.
– All tools and equipment must be returned to their places after work as they can seriously injure an animal if misplaced (you are always welcome to ask us in case you forget where the tools go)


Can I invite people to come over to the farm?
You would have to talk to either Christopher or Katia about inviting friends and family over for a day. Our schedule has to be strict and with few to no surprises, so you’d have to give us a notice and talk to us about it several days beforehand.


Thank you for your interest in wanting to come and help us here at the sanctuary and we look forward to seeing you all. We like to keep a very laid back and relaxed feel to the daily life here at the farm and hope you will enjoy the same.




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