About Willy

Willy is around 10 years old. He came to the sanctuary with his family (sister/daughter Sally, sister/daughter YoungFrida and his mother Lotte) in 2016.

He comes from a butcher shop, where he was neglected, where he had no hoof care, no access to clean water, no bedding or hay feed and there was no grass left in their small pasture. Only a kindhearted neighbor took pity on them and gave them feed and fresh water daily.

The owner (the butcher) seemed to enjoy inbreeding animals for sale, which is why Willy’s family history is as it is. He is both the brother and the father of both Sally and Youngfrida, which he has gotten together with his own mother Lotte.

In 2016 the butcher was selling the shop and wanted to get rid of the donkeys, so he decided to send them to slaughter. The neighbour who was occasionally feeding them decided she couldn’t bare to see them slaughtered, so she started to search for a new home for them herself. She spent hours searching Facebook and calling around and this is where we came into the picture.

We received a message over Facebook asking if we could help her and it didn’t take us long to say yes to this sad case of abuse and shortly afterwards, they arrived at Fields of Freedom. Ever since then Willy and his family has lived happily as a real family and we’ve had Willy castrated.

Willy is today one of the strongest and most vocal donkeys here at the sanctuary. He can often be heard calling out to some of the other donkeys in other parts of the fields. He has become a loving and gentle father to Sally, and they often spend the night sleeping side by side in the stable.

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