About Tim

Tim used to be part of a herd of 28 sheep. The whole herd was used for both meat and wool production on a farm.

In 2012 the farm decided to close down its sheep farming activities and 27 sheep were sent to slaughter. But the five-year-old ram Tim remained and was kept as a family pet. Tim had been very tame with humans ever since he was bottle fed as a lamb.

In 2015 the family decided they no longer wanted to keep Tim as a pet, and he was about to be sent to the slaughterhouse.

Tim is clearly very photogenic, and he is featured on Fields of Freedom’s profile photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Although photogenic, Tim is actually very shy and nervous of new humans. But he finds great comfort in the rest of his sheep flock.

He especially has built a strong bond to Buddha and Susie, and they enjoy spending time together. Tim has a very wise look about him and can often be seen sitting under an oak tree in his preferred field, chewing his curd.

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