About Susie

Susie is a special breed of sheep known as a Gotlander, which is a Swedish breed of sheep. She came to the sanctuary from a farm that had been using her to produce lambs and wool.

At just 7 years of age, Susie had become unable to give them any more lambs, so the farm decided that she was not worth spending money on anymore to feed her through another winter and she was thereby scheduled to be sent to the slaughterhouse.

With her mischievous dark face, Susie is quite a character – she’s really full of life and she is just as mobile and playful as the much younger sheep we have here living with us. She is not one to come running straight towards new humans, but with trust and time, there’s a very special friendship to be made with her and once you got her trust, you can basically consider yourself being a member of the sheep herd.

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