About Sally

Sally was rescued along with her whole family. Mother Lotte, father Willy and her 18-month-old sister Frida.

The donkey family was owned by a local butcher who slaughtered animals for his shop. He kept the donkeys as companions for the horses and cows he kept in the stable until he slaughtered them.

The butcher did not provide care for the donkeys – never cut their hooves nor cleaned out their stable and all of the animals stood in filthy dirt – no bedding and without access to water.

A kind-hearted neighbor would stop by daily for several years to give them hay and water, and she was instrumental in saving the donkeys. As she was the only person who had ever bothered naming the donkeys, we still call them by the names she gave them.

When Sally first arrived here at Fields of Freedom is was very shy and nervous. She was only three weeks old and stayed close to her mother Lotte, who was very careful about who came near her little foal.

Sally also found comfort in her sister YoungFrida. But Sally was nervous around her father Willy because he had behaved aggressively toward her mother and sister.

As Sally has settled into life at the sanctuary – and her father’s behavior changed after he was neutered on his way to Fields of Freedom – Sally is becoming super-confident and a little full of herself.

Sally will often barge her father out the way at the hay feeder, and she’ll swing a leg towards her sister on their run out to the fields in the mornings. But little Sally also enjoys having a good cuddle and brush-down in the evening.

Sally is still very much a baby, so it’s hard to say what her final personality will become once she has grown up. At the moment what seems to grow the fastest on Sally are her ears!

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