About Pepsi

Pepsi is around 15 years of age and she arrived here at the sanctuary with her family (Lauro and Grethe). We don’t know much about Pepsi’s life before she arrived here at Fields of freedom, but her previous owners had decided to send Pepsi and her family to slaughter.

The conditions Pepsi and her family were living in was filthy, where they were being kept in a garden with just a small wooden shed filled with wet, rotten mud as shelter from the weather. Originally, the owners – a young family with two children – had purchased Pepsi and Lauro as pets for the children, but the young family soon faced problems with Pepsi and Lauro, where Lauro was being kept in a small stable for himself to do his aggressive behavior of not being castrated.

This meant, that Pepsi soon became pregnant with Lauro and she gave birth to a beautiful foal they called Grethe. Due to Lauro’s aggressive behavior and that these two lovebirds together had made a foal, the owners decided that having donkeys wasn’t for them anymore as they became too annoyed of their behavior, so they wanted to send Pepsi and her family to slaughter.

Today Pepsi gets to live her life with her entire family surrounded. They have all not been with us for a long time, but in this short time, they have already enjoyed a warm and dry stable, fresh and clean hay every day and proper hoof and coat care that they deserve and they’ll stay this way, together, forever.

Pepsi is such a big momma bear, very protective of her family, especially her daughter, Grethe. She’s a really friendly character who loves to interact with children and there’s nothing in this world she loves more than carrots (apart from her family of course).

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