About Oswald

Oswald spent the beginning of his life locked up in a dark and damp basement in the Spanish countryside, until he was rescued by dog protection after charges of abuse were brought against the owner. He suffered one of the most horrific abuses anyone could imagine, as he spent the whole of the first 8 months of his puppy life confined to that basement. He was fed via a hatch in the upstairs floor and received no human interaction, love or care. During his time in that basement, he was forced to drink his own urine and even had to eat his own siblings to stay alive.

But in 2013 he was saved, and we came across his story via a Facebook shared post. We knew instantly that we had to try to give him a home. Shortly afterwards he joined Christopher in his life in Spain and Oswald has now travelled alongside Christopher over the past few years during his mission here at Fields of Freedom.

He’s never recovered from his abuse, but he can still live a happy and somewhat normal life alongside his two best friends Rufus and Elsa. Deep down, he’s like Rufus, eager to be loved, seen and heard and that’s what we’re making sure of they feel, but they will never be perfectly behaved dogs again.

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