About Mila

Mila is a dairy cow who were born as mixed race. The farm where she was born specialized in producing 100% Jersey dairy products, so Mila were not able to join the production line of dairy cows. In order for cows to be able to produce a high yield of milk, they have to give birth to calves at regular intervals and they are only impregnated with the expensive 100% Jersey sperm since that is economically advantageous to the farmer.

Mixed-breed calves are seen as a necessary waste product and are dealt with accordingly. They spend a brief number of months alone in tiny “huts” of the size of dog houses, where they are mooing for their moms to come rescue them. When they have reached the most profitable weight, compared to the cost of feeding and housing them, the calves are sent to the slaughterhouse. Mila were living in her own little solitary confinement hut, destined for the slaughterhouse.

Mila were just a few weeks old when she arrived here at Fields of Freedom. She was scared and the first month was a steep learning curve for her to get used to being in a new home without a mother.

Mila is a just few weeks older than Hannah. Mila took Hannah under her wing and gave her comfort at nighttime and when she was feeling low. But when Dawn arrived, both Mila and Hannah sought love and support from Big Dawn.

As Mila has grown older, she has become a lot more confident. She can often be found grazing alone or with the sheep, while Hannah always remains close to Dawn. Mila will often sneak under the fence to grab extra fallen apples or a tasty nibble of a bush in a neighboring field. Mila will unlike the rest of the cows, always be the last one to come and get hay as she prefers to eat what she can find out in the fields.

Mila really enjoy being around the sheep and she really loves to play and chase around in the fields with the two sheep, Karma, and Sutra. Sometimes all three cows – Dawn, Mila, and Hannah – will run up to the top of the hill here at the sanctuary and race each other back down, then do it all over again. Mila enjoys human interaction and a big cuddle or a good brush-down.

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