About Mickey

Mickey is in his late 20’s and thereby one of the oldest donkeys here at the sanctuary. Mickey came to Fields of Freedom in 2016 in the company of his best friend Thor after their previous owner decided to get rid of them as they had no use for either of them any longer and he thereby decided to send them to slaughter.

When they arrived here it immediately became obvious that they had been seriously abused. Both of them were hugely overweight and their hooves were in a shockingly bad condition. They had lived in a field without any care or shelter leaving them cold and alone and they were desperate to be saved. The light that showed up in both of their eyes when they arrived here at the sanctuary was truly incredible and you could tell that they felt a relief and happiness.

Mickey is today a little shy and can also be a bit naughty. He likes to run past the entrance to his stable at bedtime as a fun game, so we’ll chase after him, which can sometimes take longer than we find funny, but he seems to enjoy it. Both Mickey and Thor especially love apples and every morning you can find them sticking their heads out of the stable door, looking for something tasty.

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