About Luna

Luna came to us after we were called by a woman who knew us from social media and who was desperate to get rid of two baby bunnies that her daughter had quickly gotten bored of. They are brother and sister and were just ten weeks old when we got them. Both of them would have be euthanized the following week, but we quickly made our way to the owners’ premises and took both of them into our care. They both needed castration which they underwent in December 2018 and they can now live together again in their new forever home here at Fields of Freedom.

Luna is the more reserved of the pair and prefers to spend her time nibbling hay and sometimes even the wall paper, but she also enjoys a good bounce across the living room floor when she feels like it. She mostly like to stay “at home” while her brother is out exploring. They love to groom each other and there’s really nowhere they would go without having each other in sight.

These two can freely run around in most of the farm house and they will the whole home with excitement and fun.

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