About Lauro

Lauro is one of the oldest donkeys at the sanctuary. We believe that he is in his late 20’s. He came to fields of freedom in 2015, when he was going to be slaughtered by a small family. The owners – a young family with two children had purchased Lauro (and Lauros family – Pepsi and Grethe) as pets for the children. The family kept them in their garden with just a small wooden shed filled with wet, rotten mud as shelter from the weather.

Soon the family faced big problems with Lauro, as they didn’t want to spend money on having him castrated, which made Lauro tend to have aggressive and bad behavior, so the family had to lock up Lauro 24/7 in a little shed, where he caused serious damage to his hooved and his teeth in his attempts to break free from the little shed. This naturally became an annoyance for the family, so the family wanted Lauro (and his family) to be killed.

Lauro has been at Fields of freedom nearly 4 years now and we’ve seen great improvement in him during this time. Today Lauro has been castrated and he thrives and gets to live a happy life with his family. Lauro is very gentle and good around kids and other soft souls. He’s a rather shy guy, who likes to keep himself to himself, but he has made some great friends still, especially Mickey, but also the chickens (who rides and sleeps on his back regulary) and the cats he enjoys spending time with.

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