About Grethe

Grethe is 2 years old. She came to Fields of Freedom together with her mother Pepsi and her father Lauro. Grethe was rescued when her owners had decided to send her and her mother off to the slaughterhouse. Originally, the owners – a young family with two children – had bought Grethe’s mother Pepsi and father Lauro as living toys for their children.

Pepsi and Lauro were being kept in their garden with just a small wooden shed filled with rotten mud as shelter from the weather. Soon Pepsi became pregnant and gave birth to Grethe. All was fine for a while as the children enjoyed watching Grethe growing up, but the family had problems with Lauro as he hadn’t been castrated. Because of this, the family chose to lock up Lauro 24/7 in the little shed. Here he caused serious damage to his hooves and teeth in his desperate attempts to break free from the shed. The family eventually became annoyed with the donkeys and wanted to send the entire family to slaughter.

Grethe has luckily not had a long life of abuse like her parents, but is still rather nervous around unfamiliar humans, as she wasn’t handled in the right way as a young foal. Ever since her arrival here at Fields of Freedom we’ve seen great improvement in her behavior and we can see she’s more trusting in humans she sees everyday here.

Grethe is like her mother, a very friendly, but nervous character, but is not that comfortable around either young or older humans. But we’re trying to teach her that humans are good people too and we hope when she’s older it will show.

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