About George

George came to Fields of Freedom together with his sister Charlotte. Both George and Charlotte were purchased from a Zoo in Denmark by a woman running an institution for troubled teenagers in Denmark. This woman would buy animals to keep on her farm, so the teenagers had something to interest them and put their focus into.

The woman heard of the donkeys (George and Charlotte) who were to be slaughtered to be fed back to the other animals at the zoo, but the woman managed to have both of them freed and brought to her farm by purchasing both George and Charlotte. They were still just small and fluffy when they arrived at the woman’s farm. As time matured and both of the donkeys grew older, the teenagers lost their interest in them and they were often forgotten and left to themselves.

George and Charlotte came to Fields of Freedom in 2016, where they have become a part of the main herd of donkeys. George is still very shy around the rest of the donkey herd. But he is never shy around his sister Charlotte, who is also his best friend and they literally spend all day together every day. You can often find them together playing in the fields and chasing one another around.

George can be a bit naughty when he doesn’t get what he wants when he wants it, which means he can nibble and bite. However, he is really a loving soul with a great personality and he’ll never say no to a great brush down.

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