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About Geese

The geese gang – Beatrice, Bill, Alfred, and Joan – came to Fields of Freedom when we made an agreement with one of Denmark’s biggest hobby farm poultry breeders to take any birds left unsold at the end of their selling season in late fall.

This kind of business, breeds thousands of different types of waterfowl and poultry and drives them around Denmark to be collected at drop-off points across the country. On this trip, the birds can spend up to five hours crammed into tiny plastic crates in the back of a noisy and scary van. Every year, at the end of the selling season, any birds that are left unsold or deemed unfit to breed is sent to the slaughterhouse.

Beatrice and Bill are Toulouse geese, and they are the self-appointed sanctuary guards, chasing and trying to peck any stranger who comes onto the sanctuary grounds. Every morning they make sure they wake you at 6:00AM to give them their breakfast. Joan and Alfred are Chinese geese and are forever forming a loving partnership and are very gentle and calm to be around. Geese mate for life and will spend all their time with their chosen mate.

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