About Frigg

Frigg and Freya had originally been purchased by a family with the understanding that they were pet mini-pigs who were able to live indoors alongside the family’s cats and dogs.

But after a few months, they had grown big so quickly that the family realized that Frigg and Freya were in a fact Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs and that they would become as large as a medium-sized dog.

The family decided to keep the pigs outdoors in their small garden, where they built a run for them. But Frigg and Freya soon became bored with the monotony of their small enclosure.

Frigg and Freya started to break out from the garden and would often be found exploring the neighbors’ gardens or the farming field nearby. Now Frigg and Freya are enjoying a beautiful new pasture and shelter at Fields of Freedom. They have plenty of space to root and snuffle in to keep these very intelligent animals happy and occupied all day long.

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