About Frida

Frida is 7 years old. She had been living in the northern part of Denmark on a llama farm, where she was being kept in a field with four male llamas who would bully her and chase her around the field. She was often alone and unhappy and being the only donkey there, she was the ugly duckling in a fairytale with no happy ending. After her owners found out she was unable to have a foal, she was no longer wanted, and she was thereby sent to slaughter.

Fields of Freedom heard of her and decided to bring her to the sanctuary. She had to travel for 4 hours by horse transport to get here, which she absolutely resented, but once she arrived everything changed. She was very nervous of humans, which could be from abuse or simply from lack of human interaction. But with patience she’s become more trusting and loving towards humans.

Frida has found a best friend of the donkey kind in Pepsi and they’re now the leaders of the big herd. Frida loves a good dust bath in the morning and is definently more of a summer than a winter girl.

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