About Elsa

Elsa is a pure breed Swiss Shepherd. She came to the sanctuary in 2018 after she was purchased by an owner who couldn’t meet her needs. They intended in keeping her in a small city apartment, but she quickly became a nuisance, so they needed to get rid of her.

In June 2018 she was offered to us here at Fields of freedom and we were more than happy to give this beautiful girl the forever home she deserves.

Elsa is a little bit of a trouble maker and eats pretty much anything her nose picks up. She loves her daily walks her at Fields of Freedom and unlike her two best friends Rufus and Oswald, there’s not much this girl is afraid of.

She loves interacting with people and she has a super high energy level, but luckily there’s always so much excitement going on here at Fields of Freedom that she never gets bored.

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