About Elder

Dora, Parsley, Elder and Bertha are four sisters who were rescued from a shocking case of neglect and abuse.

A family had purchased the pigs – two were going to be kept as pets and two were to be killed for meat.

None of this happened, and all four pigs were put into an open wooden pen measuring around 4 square meters in size with no shelter from the elements.

The four pigs spent three long years living like this. After a number of escape attempts, the owners decided to put 6-inch nails pointing inward – towards the pigs – along the whole inside of the wooden enclosure.

These nails caused deep scratches and puncture wounds to the pigs’ bodies. The pigs gave up trying to escape, and became deeply depressed and resigned to dying in their tiny prison.

But there was still hope – a neighbor took pity on them, and after she heard about Fields of Freedom she asked if we could help the pigs.

Within a week Dora, Parsley, Elder, and Bertha were free to roam in a huge new enclosure with shelter and fresh vegetables and fruit for food every day.

It has taken over a year to see improvement in their overall condition and social interaction skills, but slowly they are building themselves back up in a safe and loving home.

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