About Dupont

Rae and Dupont are both 9 years old and castrated males. They both desperately needed sanctuary after being saved from abuse, where their hoofs were left to root and became riddled with laminitis. The case had been reported to the police on six different occasions, but no action was taken and that’s when we were called. Within three days we could welcome these two to the sanctuary, where they have ever since been receiving the care they have been waiting so long for with both a comprehensive farrier session and full veterinarian checkup.

Their recovery will be a long and costly process due to the length of the time these two have been neglected, but we will get them looking fantastic again in next to no time.

Rae & DuPont are truly inseparable and we’ve worked very hard to make sure these two could stay together and enjoy the rest of their lives here.

Dupont is a quiet boy who likes to follow Rae around. Carrots are definitely his favourite food and he is very fond of apples too.

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