About Charlotte

Charlotte came to Fields of Freedom together with her best friend George. Both George and Charlotte had been obtained from a zoo in Denmark by a woman who was in charge of an institution for troubled teenagers in Aarhus.

On a regular basis, this woman would buy both horses and ponies to keep on her farm so that the teenagers in her care could ride them and enjoy taking care of them.

The kindhearted woman heard about Charlotte and George being kept at the zoo, where they would be slaughtered and fed to the big cats. She managed to have them freed and brought to her farm.

As they were still just foals and small and fluffy when they arrived, the teenagers loved them and spent a lot of time with them. But as the donkeys grew older the teenagers lost interest in them, not least because they couldn’t ride them like the horses and ponies at the farm. Charlotte and George were often forgotten and left to themselves.

Now at Fields of Freedom, they have probably never been happier and they have become part of the main herd. Charlotte is a feisty young girl and often likes to skip and kick as she runs from the fields to the stables at night. But she also has a big and kind heart for her soulmate, George.

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