About Carol

Carol came to Fields of Freedom in the late spring of 2018 as she was being sent to slaughter with her daughter Karl. No one knows why the previous owners had gotten bored of them, but they had a lucky escape because the transport company who we work with to transport some of our own cases, notified us that two perfectly healthy donkeys, would be slaughtered in Germany in the coming days, so we rushed to their rescue.

We had to make special arrangements to house these two, as we had not long ago moved into the farm and it was not in a good condition, since we’d purchased it a very low price, so we had to house them in the old car garage until we could find a more permanent solution for them.

In late summer we introduced them to the rest of the donkey herds and they were slowly integrated into Sally’s family herd, where they have settled so well and formed new friendships with the rest of the herd. Carol is a kind and gentle donkey, who enjoys a good brush down and spending time with her daughter Karl.

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