About Bezza

Bezza came to the sanctuary with her brother Ozzy. These two Vietnamese pigs were being kept in a kindergarten just outside of Copenhagen in Denmark. The kindergarten would keep some animals at the property for the children to learn about and care for on a daily basis.

In spring 2018 the kindergarten decided to start to rehome all of the animals and no longer keep them, where they had already found good homes for the hens and cats which they decided to still keep, but Ozzy and Bezza weren’t that lucky. That’s when we were called and asked if we could take them here at Fields of Freedom. Although we had only just settled into a new property, we just couldn’t let these two go without a home. We made arrangements for them to be transported to the sanctuary and in late May they arrived. They will now live out their days in their forever home here with us.

Ozzy is definitely the bossiest of all the six pigs we currently have living at the sanctuary. Bezza is so full of life and has so much energy.

Every morning she walks the whole perimeter of the sanctuary and will then spend the midday snuffling at the very bottom of the fields with her brother Ozzy. She’s also very fond of a belly rub or two. 

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