About Aslan

Black beauty donkey Aslan was rescued from a breeder in southern Denmark. He was being kept in one of two big machine barns, with no natural daylight and no access to any outdoor space. Until he arrived at Fields of Freedom Animal Sanctuary at 7 months old, he had never seen the outdoors before. In his old “home,” the breeder had lined the machine barn with wooden stalls coverings all four sides, and in the middle of the barn, he had even created more stalls and animal pens. Metal bars were inches away from the chained-up animals’ faces.

In each stall, there were three to four horses, ponies, donkeys or mules. There were also five cows chained in the barn. There were countless sheep crammed into every available space and he had pigs, chickens, ducks and geese that he was also breeding. With all the animals he would breed the females over and over again, and then sell off the offspring at animal markets or through online listings. After the breeding animals had been worn out, he would simply slaughter them.

Aslan was with his very beautiful mother in a central pen alongside four ponies and a mule. When we met him, he kept himself very close to his mother and he had nothing but fear in his eyes. His mother’s eyes were just full of sadness. Ever since his arrival to Fields of Freedom, Aslan has grown up to be quite bossy and the leader of the heard, where he likes to always be up front when the herd heads out to the fields for grazing. He won’t allow anyone to have their treats ahead of him, and he always insists on getting more. He has a bad habit of nibbling people in the arm (but not too hard) if he can’t get his way, but that is something we are working on to teach him not too.

In the end, Aslan has the most loving personality and will stand completely still to enjoy his brush-down and check-overs. He is always really well behaved when the farrier visits to trim his hooves and there’s really nothing Aslan loves more than to nibble on tree bark and branches with his best friends Frida and George.

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