Lauro came to the sanctuary after his family had been sold off so his owners could turn the small pasture he lived on into a mini motocross-circuit for the children.

At 12 years old he faced an uncertain future, and a local farmer was set to take him to graze on a small strip of land around his pig barns but without any shelter for the weather.

Lauro’s wife Pepsi and daughter Grete had not managed to find a new home like Lauro and were about to be sent to the slaughterhouse.

Sadly, Lauro had spent many years being abused. He was an unneutered male donkey that the owners did not want to spend the money on having neutered, so he became aggressive.

They locked him in a small shed 24/7, where he damaged his hooves and teeth trying to break free.

Standing in filth had caused Laminitis in his hooves and they had softened considerably. If this medical condition is not remedied, the animal becomes painfully unable to walk and has to be put down.

During his stay at Fields of Freedom Lauro has shown great improvement in his condition and behavior. He still requires special hoof treatments but his hooves are slowly mending.

Lauro is now neutered and lives happily with his wife Pepsi and daughter Grethe, and they are very close. He’s become great friends with Aslan and the other donkeys at Fields of Freedom.

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