Lotte was rescued from a butcher owner. The butcher had purchased Lotte at a horse market. Her job would be to keep company with the horses he was going to slaughter for his butcher shop while they awaited their death in his stable.

In Denmark, it is illegal to keep a horse alone in a stable even for just a day, and sometimes this butcher would keep horses in his stable for over a week before he slaughtered them.

So, the butcher was forced to purchase the cheapest solution to this legal requirement and sadly that was Lotte.

When Lotte arrived at the butcher’s, she was already pregnant, and in the summer of 2012, she gave birth to a beautiful boy named Willy.

Willy soon matured and became sexually active, but the butcher refused to have him neutered, put off by the DKK 12,000 price tag for the procedure. As a result, Willy ended up making his own mother pregnant.

So in late 2013 Lotte again gave birth, and YoungFrida was born. But just 8 months after YoungFrida was born Willy was at it again, trying to mate with both YoungFrida and Lotte, his own sister and mother. YoungFrida was much too small and used to have to fight him off with the help of her mother.

The whole situation was getting out of control. Luckily a local neighbor had been observing all of this unfold, and she had also privately been feeding the donkeys and giving them water throughout the year. Even her husband, who was not trained in trimming hooves, tried to help keep the donkeys’ hooves which have to be trimmed every 3 months – another thing the butcher did not want to spend money on.

The kindhearted neighbor desperately wanted to help the donkeys, but she was anxious about reporting the butcher and the animal abuse she was witnessing. She kept a log of what was going on for when she had figured out how to best help the situation.

Sadly, she was too late. In 2016 Lotte became pregnant for the third time in five years, and beautiful Sally was born. There were now four donkeys at the butcher’s without care – and it all had started with him just buying Lotte.

Willy was of course neutered on his way to Fields of Freedom. And the whole family now lives together in a happy and safe herd here at Fields of Freedom.

Lotte is the most loving of mothers and takes great care in protecting both YoungFrida and Sally if anyone gets too close to them without coming to greet her first.

But Lotte also is one of the calmest and most-well behaved of all the donkeys in our care. She doesn’t even require a harness or being tied up when the farrier comes to trim her hooves. She will just stand completely still while he lifts her hooves and works on them.

Lotte has experienced and endured much in her life, and she is a real angel of a donkey.

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