Even though geese are waterfowl, they spend most of their time on land.

If a goose gets sick or is wounded, a couple of the other geese will stay with the disabled goose to help him or her.

Geese are territorial. They could fly off anywhere they want to, but they like to hang around their home. They’re also very protective, and are often used as guards to protect an area from intruders.


Ducks, like all animals, are sentient, with the ability to feel pain and experience emotion. They are capable of compassion, intelligent, and aware of themselves and their environment.

Like chickens, turkeys and geese, ducks are individuals and are recognised as such by their own kind and some humans.

Ducks posses their own individual characteristics and – like humans – vary in intelligence and emotional capacity. They are able to form friendships with animals of other species, including humans.



According to new research, chickens are far more intelligent and cognitively sophisticated than previously believed.

When making decisions, the chicken takes into account its own prior experience and knowledge surrounding the situation. It can solve complex problems and empathizes with individuals that are in danger.

Chicks are born with an understanding of basic arithmetic, geometry and physics, advanced problem-solving, and quick learning and retention.

Chickens express emotions like grief, fear, enthusiasm, anxiety, frustration, friendship and boredom.

Roosters and Hens